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NEF4U Memory Glow LED Keepsakes

Our Lighted LED Keepsake, Memory Glow, is the newest way to give a lasting memorial for loved ones or send a little bit of sunshine on life’s special occasions. NEF4U offers an LED lighted base with an interchangeable acrylic display panel. Our panel designs feature comforting expressions, biblical verses, common sayings, team logos, and holiday images. The panels switch-out easily to change with the seasons and are uniquely eye-catching, especially when nestled into a fresh arrangement or basket. The Memory Glow makes a unique home decor item and is the perfect night-light. Memory Glow sets are a long-lasting keepsake for Memorials, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and virtually any occasion. Memory Glow is an easy up-sell product and the latest in memorial trends. We design and manufacture the entire Memory Glow set in our Ohio facility, so no supply chain related issues to worry about. Stop by at our manufacturing facility in Archbold, Ohio and checkout the Memory Glow for yourself, pictures just don’t do it justice. 

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